10 Best mirror apps for Android

Why carry a mirror if you have a smartphone?

Make your phone a real zoom mirror! If you need to fix your hair or makeup, and you do not have a mirror at hand, now your phone will help you.

Mirror by MMAppsMobile

Mirror is a unique experience. With an excellent camera, beautiful classic design and simple control with gestures, you will have the opportunity to share your best photos from the application itself. Check your appearance in seconds, freeze the screen and save the photo.

Or take a step forward and use a special 3D feature to record your appearance from left to right or from top to bottom, and you will have the opportunity to show your outfit or haircut to friends. You can also share the clip on social networks directly from the application and show your style to friends and subscribers.

– Allows you to adjust the brightness of the image on the screen;

– Provides lightning of the face in the dark using the phone screen;

– You can zoom the image directly on the screen.

The simple and intuitive interface of the Mirror application is easier to use than the camera interface of your phone!

Best Mirror

Best Mirror is an application that can replace a mirror. With this application, you don’t have to carry a mirror with you to put on contact lenses or check your appearance. In addition, the application is able to change images: resize, brightness, etc.

– Simple interface;

– Freezing option;

– Rotate view of the mirror;

– Image adjustment.

Mirror by Fulmine Software

The advantage of this tool is its low weight, it will need a minimum of space on your memory card. The Mirror starts and runs very quickly, it will not cause difficulties when used completely by anyone.

The quality of the displayed image depends, first of all, on the capabilities of your front camera, the more pixels – the better, but even the simplest device will be enough for the application to work properly. You will be able to see your reflection online, that is, as in a real mirror. If necessary, you can freeze it.

By the way, the developers didn’t forget to take care of the design of their product. The Mirror application is not only practical but also has a thoughtful design, thanks to which you absolutely will not feel the difference with the original.

Features of the Mirror application for Android:

– Replacing your regular pocket mirror anytime, anywhere;

– Fast quality work;

– Instant start with one-touch invisible to others;

– Image freeze;

– A large number of various photo frames;

– The function of work in the dark is included;

– Change the brightness according to the time of day;

– Image zoom.

Mirror – Selfie, Zoom, Light

Make a mirror right on your phone! This application allows you to equip your device with a mirror, which is much more convenient to use than a regular camera since the image is much brighter, you can freeze or zoom it.

– It is very easy to use;

– You can zoom an image;

– Freeze the image to take a photo and put it in the gallery;

– The visibility of the image is amazing.

Makeup Mirror

This is a useful and absolutely free application that will turn your Android phone into a mirror. If you need to check your makeup or apply contact lenses, and you don’t have a regular mirror at hand, this application will definitely help you.

– Easy to use;

– Regulation of scale;

– Button for fixing the image;

– Superior image visibility;

– Gesture control;

– Light frame.

Mirror – Selfie Camera app with Photo Filters

Have you ever wanted the perfect magnifying mirror to always be in your pocket? The Mirror application – this is it, and even much, much more! This simple, but multi-function application

contains all the necessary tools to take a self-portrait, enlarge the image or check if food is stuck between your teeth. The application is easy to use and at the same time surprisingly useful!


– Crystal clear mirror image;

– Zoom in with simple controls;

– Capture and snapshot images;

– Saving images to the photo gallery;

– Frame and exposure settings.

Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)

This application will be a useful tool to check your hair or makeup before making a video call or chatting on Skype. In any situation, when you don’t have a small mirror at hand, an irreplaceable gadget will help.

When you start, all the menu functions will be hidden. So it really looks like a mirror.

In the settings bar, you can change camera exposure, zoom in/out the image, turn on/off night mode, choose the mode “Image on Mirror” or “Your real Image”, freeze your image.

MakeUp Mirror HD

The Mirror app turns your phone into the perfect pocket magnifying mirror. You can use it to check your hairstyle before a meeting, tint your lips before a date, or find an annoying eyelash in your eye.

The ability to capture images allows you to study your own facial features or just quickly make your own photo. You can even save mirrored self-portraits in the gallery!

A light frame allows using the mirror even in low light situations.

Mirror – Makeup and shaving with Real light mirror

You will be able to quickly take a look at your reflection and, making sure that you look good with this smart application.

It works like other similar applications and has the same functionality.

– You can freeze an image;

– Zoom in/out function;

– Adjust lighting;

– Choose the mode (Night, Bright, Normal).

Smart Mirror (Brightness / Zoom)

Smart Mirror (Brightness / Zoom) is a perfect solution if you didn’t take a small mirror with you. This application will replace it perfectly; you won’t even feel the difference.

There is a zoom function so your camera doesn’t need to support zoom. It supports a bright screen, so it works great even in the darkness. In general, easy to use and convenient tool.

Don’t have a mirror with you? Do not worry! Please use one of the mirror applications from the list!