We are making the best enterprise ecommerce comparison: BigCommerce vs. Shopify

BigCommerce vs. Shopify

When you are starting an ecommerce one of the biggest and most important decisions that you will have to make is which platform you will be using. The right platform can really help you run your business smoothly and with more efficiency, so making the right choice is key. Today we are going to take a look at an enterprise ecommerce comparison, so make sure to keep reading for a BigCommerce vs. Shopify comparison.

First of all, let’s talk about some of the best parts about both of these platforms. When it comes to Shopify we have to first mention the extensive app store that they have, filled with apps and add-ons that you can use in order to increase the functionality of your website. There are no selling limits and the fees that you will have to pay for processing credit cards are much lower. This is also a platform that is generally much easier to set up and beginners should have an easier time with it. On the other hand, something that really makes BigCommerce stand out is the fact that it is probably the platform that comes with most functionalities right out of the box, which means that there is usually no need for you to add any functionalities yourself. Something else that you will find very useful is the extensive amount of SEO tools because thanks to them your site will be on top of every Search Engine, which is something that will definitely help you make more sales.

Now in the BigCommerce vs. Shopify enterprise ecommerce comparison we are going to take a look at the downsides of both platform. When talking about Shopify it is safe to say that its biggest pro is also a pretty significant downside, and that is the app store. Because there is so much lacking from Shopify in the out-of-the-box version you will pretty much have to use these apps and integrations, and that also makes it pretty clear why there are so many of them. There also aren’t nearly as many SEO tools with Shopify, and that can take a toll on your site. When it comes to BigCommerce the selling limits are one of the biggest downside, however a lot of people actually find the smaller amount of apps and integrations to be a pretty big issue as well. When compared to Shopify, BigCommerce also charges you more for credit card processing.

As you can see, both of these platforms have something new and different to offer, so whichever one of the platforms in this enterprise ecommerce comparison you choose to go for, you will definitely get everything that you need. We hope that this BigCommerce vs. Shopify comparison was useful and that it helped you pick the right platform for you.

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